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International coaching for limerence

International coaching for limerence


Do you want my help with limerence? 

I am available for online international coaching where we can have a look on how I can help you. 

I charge 125 euro per session, you pay per session, so no contracts etc. Payment is by Paypal 

Be aware that there might be a time difference, I am in the european (dutch) time zone.  Holland is +6 hours from washington DC. 


Email me to set up a date:  fennavdberg@hotmail.com or click on the contact link on this site on this site. 

I hope to help you soon! 

New: Purposeful coaching for limerence

One of the biggest antidote for a limerent episode is having a purposeful life.

I provide purposeful coaching for people in a limerent episode. In a few sessions, we will systematically work on having a more purposeful life.

What does that mean, a more purposeful life? It means in line with your values, studies show that having your values reflect in several areas in your life is what makes people more happy. I also call it living in integrity.

  • Living in integrity can mean: Setting your boundaries clearly
  • Listening to your needs and body and intuition
  • Being more honest to yourself
  • Make more healthy choices
  • Explore patterns and unhealthy coping
  • Give yourself permission to have fun in life
  • Do what feels good and empowers you
  • Live with self compassion
  • Value yourself for the person you are and enjoy your personality! 

In 5 to 8 sessions, I coach you into a life with more integrity and more purpose.

Let's have fun together! :)